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Don Mateo Wines are in the heart of Chilean wine country in the Curicó Valley – part of the Valle Central wine growing region. Its small size and location makes it ideal for a boutique winery such as ours. The Curicó Valley is also known for diversity of wine grapes with more than 30 varieties grown there since the 1800’s.

Our winery is in a small valley in Curicó surrounded by mountains and influenced by winds from the coast – the Sagrada Familia Valley. The conditions are perfect for producing red wines -- very warm and no rain at time of the harvest. This allows our winemakers to wait for the perfect moment to harvest the grapes. The temperature difference between day and night produces an exceptional color and quality grape.

The white grapes are produced in a place nearer the Andes, a cooler climate that has the required characteristics for the production of great white wines. The wines are mostly produced with our own grapes giving Don Mateo strict quality control and consistency from year to year.

In our vineyards, each varietal is planted in the optimal location so that it experiences the best conditions for growth. For example, the whites are in drier and cooler areas whereas the reds are in warmer regions with large exposure to sunlight – especially the Syrah and Carmenere. We irrigate by the drop to ensure that each varietal receives the precise quantity of water required. The reserve varietals are produced in smaller quantities and grown in drier regions with less irrigation to achieve a higher concentration of color and tannins.

The true quality of each of our wines is defined in the vineyard. The most concentrated grapes are used to produce Reserva wines, and those that are exceptional are used to produce Gran Reserva wines. The harvest is manual and done using boxes. The grapes are sorted and selected cluster by cluster in the case of Reserva. For the Gran Reserva the selection is made grape by grape. The fermentation tank is small with excellent temperature control and lasts about a month.
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