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We pride ourselves in the diversity of our terroir and growing techniques for our varietals (see Vineyards section). So too, we are proud of our winery and wine making skills.

Don Mateo is about blending the old and the new -- the blending of the specialness and heritage of Chile (soil, geography and climate) together with a new generation of winemaking skills.

Don Mateo Selección
These grapes are fermented at medium temperatures around 25-26 ° C and handled with great care to avoid excessive abstraction. The winemaking strategy is to be very gentle in dealing with the skins during fermentation and avoid extended maceration. The postproduction process is done with the delicate addition of wood in order to respect the fruit and give only a slight complexity to the wine to make it taste smooth and give it a wide appeal for all palettes and different types of food.

Don Mateo Reserva
These grapes are subjected to cold or a “cold housing soak” for 48 to 72 hours prior to fermentation. Subsequently they are fermented with average temperatures around 26-28 ° C and worked with pumping and gentle movements to facilitate the residue extraction in the first half of fermentation. After fermentation the juice is macerated for a variable time (4 to 10 days) in order to build up some soft tannins and to give the wine good structure.

Don Mateo Gran Reserva
The harvest takes place in the cool morning hours and in boxes of 13 kilos, followed by hand selection of clusters in a gravitational process table for a type of grape that has the greatest potential. After sorting, the grapes are sent to a cold housing soak for 72 hours prior to fermentation.

The fermentation average temperature is around 26-28 ° C. The must (freshly pressed juice) and skins are handled gently to ensure a mild extraction during the first half of fermentation. This is followed by maceration for a variable time according to the winemaker's taste. This maceration gives great structure and gives a long life to the wines.
After fermentation and maceration, only lots with potential for Gran Reserva are selected for 12 months of barrel aging in French oak.

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