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The Moai (pr. mo-eye) of Easter Island, off the coast of Chile reflect our commitment to discovery, craftsmanship and passion. These three elements have been the guiding principles for Don Mateo wines from Chile.

A group of international entrepreneurs with a love of wine encountered a small winery in the Curico Valley that has since become the home of Don Mateo Wine. The wine was so extraordinary, so excellently made, that it has become the centerpiece of their endeavors.

At the heart of Don Mateo wines is the commitment to excellence… the blending of the specialness of Chile (soil, vines and climate) together with a new generation of winemakers with special skills.

At Don Mateo we are totally and unashamedly enthusiastic and confident that the wines we produce can take their place alongside the best in the world.

Like the Moai, our wines stand the test of time and are consistent from bottle to bottle.
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